Gunsmithing Mendocino

Pistolsmith Services

1911 Pistols

Service Amount
Dehorn and Custom Blend entire firearm (Stainless) $125.00
Hand Lap Slide to Frame (to achieve smoother, easier racking) $65.00
Replace Recoil Spring (lighter or heavier to accommodate specific loads) $40.00
Dehorn and Blend. Hand-Lap Slide/Frame. Smooth and polish feed ramp, breach face, extractor, disconnecter rail. Lubricate and Detail Firearm. (Stainless)
Trigger Job: Inquire

Custom Work to Shooters' Specification

Service Amount
Carry / Duty Trigger Job: 4 pound pull or greater
Adjust trigger pre-travel and over-travel as necessary. Adjust hammer hooks, sear, and sear spring to achieve shooters’ desired “feel and weight”. Install recoil spring, as necessary, to shooters’ preferred ammunition for reliable feeding, ignition and extraction.
From $120.00
Target / Competition Trigger Job: 3.5 pound pull or less.
Adjust existing trigger, hammer, sear spring and mainspring, or install new parts as necessary, to achieve a light, crisp let-off for minimal distraction and maximum accuracy. Install new sear, Hammer, disconnecter, sear spring, mainspring (hammer spring) and trigger as necessary. Deburr, smooth and polish all small parts, frame and slide.
From $160.00
Install New Trigger.
Install trigger, silver or black, with oversized shoe to reduce vertical “slop”, or “play”, between trigger shoe and frame. Stone and smooth trigger track in frame. Adjust pre travel and over travel.
From $75.00
Test Fire and Zero to Shooters’ preferred ammunition / load and distance.
Shooter provides ammunition.
Cut, contour and polish barrel throat and polish feed ramp. From $65.00
Calibrate internal extractor tension. From $45.00
Install and calibrate new internal extractor. From $75.00
Replace firing pin and spring. From $55.00
Replace short guide rod with full-length guide rod, open-end plug, and recoil spring. From $95.00
Fit and install new bushing to barrel and slide to enhance accuracy. From $80.00
Install Ambidextrous Thumb Safety. From $90.00
Install new Beavertail Grip Safety. From $90.00
Replace Plunger Tube Assembly. From $80.00
Install new Mainspring Housing. From $85.00
Install Extended Slide Stop / Release. From $50.00
Install new Magazine Release Button, Lock, and Spring. From $55.00
Bevel magazine well opening or install new extended mag well and mainspring housing. From $60.00