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Pistolsmith Services

Smith & Wesson Double Action Revolvers

Service Amount
Lighten DA trigger pull:
  • Install new reduced-power mainspring and trigger return spring.
  • Grease/Oil all internal parts.
  • Clean entire firearm inside and out.
J-Frame $44.00
K, L, N Frame $64.00
Complete Action Job:
  • Completely strip firearm.
  • Stone and polish hammer and trigger contact surfaces.
  • Stone and polish rebound slide to frame.
  • Stone and polish bolt to frame recess.
  • File, stone, and polish stirrup to hammer.
  • File and polish hammer block.
  • Smooth and polish cylinder stop to trigger.
  • Install new reduced power mainspring and rebound spring.
    I use Wilson Custom Tune Arched or Wolf Type II Ribbed leaf mainsprings.
  • Lubricate and reassemble.
J Frame $95.00
K, L, N Frame $115.00

Ruger Double Action Revolvers

GP100, SP101, Redhawk, Super Redhawk, Alaskan

Service Amount
Complete Action Job:
  • Disassemble firearm.
  • Stone and polish hammer / sear engagement surfaces.
  • Smooth and polish DA Sear tip.
  • Smooth and polish guard spring shaft.
  • Smooth and polish transfer bar as necessary.
  • File and polish round tip of hammer strut.
  • Install new Wolf Reduced Power mainspring and guard spring (trigger return spring).
  • Grease, oil and reassemble.