Gunsmithing Mendocino

Pistolsmith Services

Single Action Revolvers

Service Amount
Install New Reduced Power Hammer and Trigger springs. Lubricate. $65.00
Dehorn and Blend all Frame Edges and Surfaces. Detail. Lubricate. (Stainless) $75.00
Complete Action / Trigger Job: Adjust, file, stone and polish ALL internal parts and Inner frame to smooth hammer stroke and trigger pull, reduce grittiness, and optimize for smooth, comfortable action and accuracy.
Lighten trigger pull and hammer stroke with new reduced power mainspring and trigger rebound spring. Detail. Lubricate.
Install new Stainless Steel trigger and hammer shims as necessary. $5 each
Hand Ream Finish and Polish all Cylinder Chambers. (Extremely Beneficial) $15 each
Adjust Fixed Front Site for elevation point of aim hit. File and polish. (Stainless)
Clean and lubricate firearm. (Owner-supplied Ammo for load and distance)